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  1. Suseth

    Top notch customer service. Citronella is a non oily, light weight and nice smelling product. Took this with me when I traveled and used this daily. It worked great whatever the temperature is. Pleased with this product and I would recommend them.


  2. Gemma

    Took citronella on holiday. I got no bites or sunburn. Awesome product, its vegan and natural. Best moisturiser ever. Lovely product, customer service was wicked.

    Thank you Suzette

  3. Lottie Loisue

    Can I just say.... unintentionally this is the absolute best product for healing TATTOOS once the initial healing is over and theyre dry and itchy and scabby. Usually i just use cocnut and vitamin e oil but this kept me moisturised for half a day at a time. And this tattoo has come out the…

    Absolute best product

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