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2 reviews for Vegan-friendly Grapefruit

  1. Den S

    With my cancer treatment I was unable to use many creams on the market as they contain manmade chemicals. Shea-Me was a saviour. Shea-Me products contains natural edible ingredients. I was recently given the all clear. Without Shea-Me my skin would have been a mess. Thanks Suzette Shea

    Natural Ingredients

  2. Nloko Saopa

    Shea-me grapefruit was the wickedest cream to bless my skin, for £13 its bargain and well worth the money and would highly recommend for any type of skin. No more dry flaky skin. Unlike other creams I tried with Shea-Me I do not have to cream my hands constantly. Shea-Me fit it and forget it.…

    Wickedest Cream

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